Ariel Xiao He Bi


Ariel Xiao He Bi, MLA I.
Rendering of Artificial Tree in Slum Community. Explanaotory text reads: Artificial Tree in slum community. Manila, Philippines.
Solar panel transfers produced energy to lithium ion battery.
Energy transferred to lights. introduction of lights promote safety at night in a community that has no public lighting.
No need to use a flashlight anymore when we walk through here at night.
Rainwater falls onto structure.
Water filters through multiple layers.
 Vegetation, soil, sand, gravel.
Filtered water collected from water station can be used for many different purposes, such as watering plants in public areas.
Water has always been so expensive; we can’t use it for anything beyond our basic needs. Now with the abundance of water, we can plant flowers in open spaces and have enough water to take care of them. rainwater is stored up in a storage, tank. with a volume of one hundred cubic meters.
Three solar panels can generate, five hundred watts of energy. enough for 200 feet of outdoor L E D lights and indoor lighting for ten households. Energy generated by solar panel used by private households which previously had unreliable power connections. I can now sit in the light without worrying that the power might be interrupted. Water transmits through underground pipe.water made available for public use at water stations. Purchasing our own water has always been so expensive. I’m so glad I can now use filtered water to do the chores and flush the toilet.