Edgar Rodriguez

MArch II

Edgar Rodriguez, MArch II.
A Novel Museum.
The Novel Museum is an extension to the Hamburger Bah	nhof Museum in Berlin to host the Julia Stoschek Collection. This collection is one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections of time-based art, with over 850 artworks by 255 artists from around the world. Works in the collection span video, film, single- and multi-channel moving image installation, multimedia environments, performance, sound, and virtual reality.  The design takes form as a two-dimensional white trace that connects the museum to the city. An existing garden adjacent to the museum’s main hall is adapted to host a series of giant moving LED screens and a gallery of smaller screens along the museum’s wall. The garden is open to the city and the exhibition is on 24 hours a day. The platform overlooking the river on the opposite side is a public plaza where users have full online access to the archive of the collection.