Gal Kramer

Gal Kramer, MUP; Evita Chávez, MUP; and Ayesha Tara Mehrotra, MUP

Gal Kramer, MUP; Evita Chávez, MUP; and Ayesha Tara Mehrotra, MUP.
TODOZ for Todos.
Transit Oriented Development Overlay Zone.
This project pairs transit-oriented development, TOD, practices and incentives for affordable housing development through the creation of an overlay zone that encourages affordable housing development near transit stops. Developers who meet the four requirements for a TODOZ would be eligible for reduced parking requirements, tax incentives, and density bonuses. By coupling TOD with incentives for affordable housing development, TODOZ makes neighborhood improvements accessible to everyone.
TODOZ Policy Proposal:
Must be within one half-mile of a transit stop.
Must be mixed use, at least 50% residential.
Must maintain at least 25% affordability.
Must replace demolished affordable units in a TODOZ project on a one-to-one basis.  TODOZ incentivizes developers to build affordable housing.
TODOZ supports safer infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.
TODOZ increases options for transportation.
TODOZ improves access to jobs through better transportation and mixed-use neighborhoods.  One parking spot equals one hundred thirty-four thousand, one hundred thirty-six dollars.
Why spend on parking when we could invest in transit, housing, and more livable neighborhoods?
The cost of one parking spot could buy:
Forty-one thousand and four donuts.
Thirty-one months of rent (Lowell, Massachusetts median). 
Operation of one local bus line for a year.
Thirty-one thousand new trees.