Joshua A. Kuhr

MArch I AP

Joshua A. Kuhr, MArch I AP.
Photos of two black and white images with exterior and interior view of building model.  Text below reads:
Huh? Communicating the State of Our Nation:
Thesis, Fall 2019. 
We are living through one of our democracy’s most intense crises in generations. Our political culture has divided our nation into our respective camps creating a world shaped by ideology instead of argument. As a result, extreme polarization has become the current state of our communities as Americans look to embolden their respective camps instead of questioning ideas. The effects of this lifestyle have made a public seeped in certainty, claiming to have all the answers, often before it even knows the questions. This thesis attempts to create an architecture that challenges this culture of ideology and certainty by re-inventing our temples to democracy, the state capitol.