Christopher Gallegos

MArch I

Inside-Out: An Investigation of the Assembly as an Equitable Mediator in the Wake of Climate Change Disruption

Advised by Ashley Schafer and Rahul Mehrotra

This thesis seeks to explore the Assembly as an implementor and educator of climate change strategies. Through inverting the perimeter wall model of Western diplomatic architecture, introducing time as a medium of design, and questioning the antagonistic relationship of water to the built environment, this thesis proposes a hybridized approach to relief implementation. Over time, these mechanisms can inform a less obscured form of diplomatic intervention.

In a country with limited support and dwindling resources, can a building seek to leverage a country’s soft power as cultural, political, and foreign capital to a complex issue? Can a platform for engagement and education be established with the government to institutionalize sweeping change?

In low-lying countries like Bangladesh, drought, flooding, frequent cyclonic activity, and the escalating influx of people (considered climate refugees1) toward cities like Dhaka, are already becoming realities. Within the capital of Bangladesh, new models of public assembly can serve as exemplars in rethinking the dialectic between colonial approaches, or local reactionary practices.

Situated near the seat of democracy in developing Bangladesh, on Louis Kahn’s National Parliament campus in Dhaka, the proposal will draw upon reciprocal motivations to establish a new model. Inside-Out serves as the proving ground to consider how an architecture that is more open to the public and the environment might arm developing countries with models to address the long- term effects of climate change.

1Who We Are,” Environmental Justice Foundation, accessed October 10, 2019.

Christopher Gallegos, MArch I. Rendering of a monumental fortress.
Christopher Gallegos, MArch I.
View looking North of the Outdoor Auditorium during a public lecture.
Christopher Gallegos, MArch I.
Interior Auditorium during dry and wet conditions of the year.
Christopher Gallegos, MArch I.
Exterior view of the outdoor library during dry and wet conditions of the year.
Christopher Gallegos, MArch I.
Aerial view toward the Bangladesh National Assembly Building showing a complete inundation of the site.
Christopher Gallegos, MArch I.
Longitudinal section through the complex’s exterior assembly spaces and interior auditoriums.