Fan Lu

MArch I

Work-Scape: Toward the Thermal Hygge

Advised by Holly Samuelson

Thermal qualities—warm, cool, radiant, airy—are an important part of our experience in a space. However, these thermal experiences are often oversimplified in architectural design considerations by tempering the indoor environment to a homogeneous room temperature. Despite being standardized people with a fixed and unchanging thermal preference of 21°C, occupants have a wide range of thermal needs that largely depend on what spaces we gather around and what activities are going on.

The increasing demand of sustainability also brings about questioning the necessity to cool/heat a building to a desired temperature everywhere. New cooling and heating technologies, such as radiant systems, have already begun changing architectural design, saving a considerable space in floor height, and brought the potential of target cooling/heating with an environment open to nature. With a provocation that the thermal function of building and thermal comfort to accommodate various people could be used as an effective element of design, this project seeks to strengthen the relationship between people and thermal environments. Taking the emerging coworking/coliving culture as an opportunity, this thesis challenges us to redefine a working and living space that has a diversity of atmospheres and brings back thermal experiences, which can act as a catalyst for social activities.

Against the homogeneity of the modern climate, the new coworking/coliving space serves as a vehicle for people to embrace thermal delight—a fresh gentle breeze back into the modern, enclosed glass box.

Fan Lu, MArch I. Architectural plan. Three circular areas are highlighted in pink that fades into the surrounding area. Red arrows surround the plan on all four sides pointing away from the center.
Fan Lu, March I. Thermal zone section and render of the Ramp.
Fan Lu, March I. Thermal zone section and render of the Rings.
Fan Lu, March I. Thermal zone section and render of the Auditorium.
Fan Lu, March I. Thermal zone section and render of the Sunken Room.
Fan Lu, March I. Elevation.