Mahfuz Sultan

MArch I


Advised by John May

Over a series of longform texts and image essays, the following publication uses the history of airplane hijacking as a device to poetically explore the role of flight and seizure of the sky by several speculative architects, artists, and filmmakers series of texts and image essays. This is neither a rigorous nor sociohistorical investigation into the relationship between flight and architecture. Rather, it is a series of digressions within digressions within digressions. A shared poetic imagination that a specific set of figures shared and that (perhaps) only an architect would recognize and valorize. This is a multidisciplinary art project narrated in the voice of an architect. 

Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I. TV still of "Knievel's Failed Jump".
Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I.
Overhead view of the front cover of a book.
Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I.
Overhead view of the back cover of a book.
Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I.
A photograph of a flight path on a flight simulator screen.
Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I.
Two images side by side of Evel Knievel’s failed jump at Snake River Canyon.
Mahfuz Sultan, MArch I.
An image of David Hammons’ faxes on the floor of the Crystal Palace in Madrid on the left and a brochure made for the show on the right.
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