If rapidly changing climates, energy flows, material economies, and migratory populations are the emerging challenges of our time, then the design disciplines offer unique insight on how to navigate these complex, open-ended conditions. Distinct from research in the sciences or humanities, the MDes Thesis Program involves highly interactive ways of thinking and learning, through hands-on, cross-disciplinary, multimedia practices that directly engage the technical, material, spatial, ecological, political, economic, thermodynamic, and planetary dimensions of design. Seeking to empower the next generation of designers and urbanists, the program utilizes a set of novel and alternative methodologies in a collaborative, immersive, and multimedia environment. Ultimately, MDes thesis challenges conventional ways of learning—through field work, fabrication, collaboration, and dissemination—through projects whose scope and diversity are unmatched by any other design school in the world.

John May
Assistant Professor of Architecture Codirector, Master in Design Studies Program

K. Michael Hays
Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory Codirector, Master in Design Studies Program