Mia Zaidan


Rethinking Relationships and Social Interaction Systems

Advised by Arianna Mazzeo (SEAS) and Kevin Kit Parker (SEAS)

Over the past few decades, technology has redefined the way people meet, interact, and develop relationships, making it extremely simple for its users to meet others from the comfort of their couch. However, the same technology is increasing levels of loneliness and isolation because we end up spending more time on our devices and less time with each other. By investigating the systems that dating apps are developing to match, connect, and make people meet in real life, modern encounters can be better understood.

When dissecting the users’ behaviors, acceptance and validation emerge as the ultimate needs they are trying to satisfy. These manifest themselves differently from one person to the other, often creating a mismatch in expectations. From a systemic viewpoint, the superficial generic profiles result in a lack of involvement in user journey.

I propose a disruptive strategy to create new types of social encounters, where your profile is designed to depict your lifestyle rather than your looks. Asa user, you get the power to shape and design your experience while preserving the spontaneity of the encounter. The new matching platform I am proposing is a systemic design intervention. When you go online, you select the type of encounter and activity that you are looking for. Matching happens instantly: you are presented with online users who are available now, in your immediate area, with similar expectations.

Instant matching, simple encounters, real people.

Mia Zaidan, MDE. Three smart phones with the words "profile, match by type, now matching," and showing multiple buttons and sliding scale choices.