Omar Valentín Silva

MArch I

Dead Reckoning: Scavenger Protocols for Unscripted Structures 

Advised by Oana Stănescu

The fishermen from the Aral Sea navigate the desert in search of fleets of stranded fishing vessels. Over the years, they learn to dismantle the carcasses of rusty hulls, forced to become part of a shipbreaker crew. In their state of dereliction, the boats are considered a form of asset. The unwanted scraps—the skeletal remains of a once living and breathing sea—yearn to be possessed. 

Dead Reckoning is a tale of the people who lived on the strenuous labor of cracking ships after the desiccation of the Aral Sea. 

In this story, buildings are understood as a form of narration, an account of events constructed upon both fictional and historical facts; changing and developing from their original form, because their future is unpredictable. 

Architecture then becomes a speculation upon a performative process of assembly and disassembly, caught up between scenes of decomposition and generation. 

Omar Valentín Silva, MArch I. Line drawing with boat.