Qian Guo


As a Rat

Advised by Krzysztof Wodiczko

The project aims to provide an alternative way for our body to experience and express from the perspective of a rat. The idea of becoming a rat is not escapism from living a human life or a cynical joke out of boredom, but a serious reflection on our current living situation. Turning away from our identities as humans makes it possible to think about “survival” itself, that most individuals are just vulnerable beings running all their lives to sustain themselves with little control in the face of greater powers above. It breaks the singularities of being different individuals and brings back the “common”— anyone could be outcast and become vulnerable, which has been witnessed in the recent outbreak and spread of coronavirus.

What do we see from the eye of a rat? The change in perspective could defamiliarize our daily activities and environment. In the previous experiments where I moved from place to place wearing the device, an illusion of feeling like a fugitive emerged, which is a melancholic metaphor for how fickle life is.

Qian Guo, MDes. Charcoal drawing of a human foot stomping on a round object.