Togo Kida


Phantom: An AI-Based Creative Agent to Support Ideation

Advised by Jock Heron (GSD) and Arianna Mazzeo (SEAS)

Creativity is regarded as one of the most valuable resources in business that brings innovation. However, being able to exercise creative capabilities is a tough task. For example, creative teams working in advertising industries are constantly under pressure to generate many ideas in a short time. Teams lack the right tools to ideate more, better quality ideas. Looking deeper into their process of ideation, the process is often solitary and time-consuming. Is there a new creative process that could be designed with the use of technologies? In order to overcome this difficulty in exercising creativity, I propose an AI-powered text editor that helps the user produce more creative outputs. The text editor is equipped with different AI models that respond to the user’s input and generate additional context, which the user can inspect to be further inspired. Through this project, I propose a new process of ideation and an interaction model between the user and the AI.

Togo Kida, MDE. Graphic of white circles joined together by white lines on a black background.
Togo Kida, MDE. Logo of the Phantom project.
Togo Kida, MDE. Interface design of the Phantom project.