Wei Vivi Zeng


Inside Out

Advised by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro

In the contemporary urban context, a wealth of sensorial stimuli impoverishes sensitivity toward the understated. This project aims to heighten perception toward natural phenomena in the present moment by creating a space detached from the urban environment. To design with natural elements does not mean to reconstruct nature but to construct natural phenomena. These phenomena already exist in our living environment, yet they remain understated, evanescent, and often go unnoticed. The effects of detachment and withdrawal intend to bring them into the foreground from the flood of daily distractions. The project creates a void within saturation, an emptiness within density, a moment of quietude within constant excitement, and ultimately to defamiliarize the familiar. 

The goal of this research is to look for an aesthetic sensitivity that lives in “circumstances” rather than “things.” We authentically see, touch, and feel within circumstances based in events. At the center of the ceaseless, copious changes in our living environment, it is possible to detach an individual experience from its confinement in the everyday, conveying a freedom of imagination and unique connection with nature. This moment of happening leaves a lasting impression carried on after the experience, and everyday life begins to look different.

Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I. Isometric projection of buildings of different colors with small chair in foreground.
Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I.
Within A Without.
Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I.
Orchid over Shadow.
Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I.
Willow in Tide.
Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I.
Lotus in Wind.
Wei Vivi Zeng, MLA I.
Rice Theater.