Alex Yueyan Li

MArch I

A Building Has Fallen into Being 

Advised by John May 

The notion of “representation to presentation,” as identified in Daston and Galison’s Objectivity, indicates a new paradigmatic shift in the way we interact with images. Specifically, the orthographic surface with which architects have become so familiar has been replaced with a digital one within which the real-time translation between the tangible and the imaginary can no longer be understood as a form of representation. Rather, it is a near-presentation that has moved beyond “how things look” toward “how things act.”  

Operating within this framework, “A Building Has Fallen into Being” is interested in addressing “the crisis of scale and tectonics” by introducing a new set of considerations that are currently excluded from the discourse of design methodologies—gravity, flow, fluid, environment, all of which are direct presentations of “how things act.” As an alternative to getting at the real, the thesis positions the digital model as an operative device to develop a catalog of simulated mock-ups that examines ooziness, sloppiness, foaminess, tiredness, drowsiness, chubbiness, and other forms of material behavior.

Dilapidated model