Alfred Pun

MArch I


Advised by Mark Lee

“The [OFF – CORE]” is a thesis that encourages us to imagine what the definition of [OFFICE] will be in the future and how the design of the [CORE] in a tower could facilitate this paradigm shift. Starting with studying the development of office layout and the history of generic and utilitarian office towers as a typology, the goal of the thesis is to propose an alternative design tectonic for the office tower typology. Can an [OFFICE] be less solely about the free plan but more inclusive of different kinds of workspace? Can a [CORE] be expressed spatially and pragmatically in the foreground rather than buried in the background? Can the dichromatic relationship between the [OFFICE] and the [CORE] get blurred? Using Hong Kong as the testing ground and the IFC tower as the main precedent, the thesis proposal will be presented as a prototype sister tower adjacent to the IFC with the same dimensions but displaying a new [OFF – CORE] concept for the future.

Overlapping plans