Anirban Ghosh


Gentoo Incubator: Increasing Capacity of NICUs in Emerging Markets

Advised by Luba Greenwood (SEAS) and Allen Sayegh (GSD)

Neonatal and infant mortality is a significant problem across the world. This problem is especially prevalent in emerging economies. For example, the neonatal mortality rate in India is five times higher than that in the US. There is also an urban and rural divide, with rural India having twice the rate of urban areas. The lack of access to well-equipped facilities and trained clinicians have been identified as reasons for this disparity. The Gentoo Incubator aims to reduce this gap by “upgrading” existing infrastructure to provide similar performance and care delivered in better-equipped settings. The Gentoo Incubator is an easy-to-deploy origami structure that can convert any bed or bassinet into an incubator. The “smarts” of the device is a separate electronics module that controls the air temperature and humidity inside the hood. The simplicity and ease of manufacturing the device help bring the cost down and reduce the need for specialized technicians.

Digital image featuring a clear plastic covered bassinet connected to a small device with air tubing and data cable to sensors. Label: Gentoo incubator with logo