Craig Borkenhagen


Making Mobility: Shifting the Urban Milieu of Oklahoma City

Advised by Peter Rowe

Bus rapid transit is a key component of many of the world’s largest municipalities and is at the limit of what smaller cities like Oklahoma City can realistically achieve. OKC’s development as a thriving urban center is full of unique and complex challenges that separate it from any other city in the country and make the addition of a bus rapid transit system especially difficult. This project takes that method of public transportation, well known internationally but facing little domestic interest due to our continued devotion to the automobile, and uses it to reshape the future urban development of Oklahoma’s capital. BRT at a system level is explored and reimagined, then used to redefine specific points of future importance for the city—sites that suggest a polycentric network of vibrant spaces.

Overhead map of a city street network with a grid of roadways highlighted in red and terminal and and a few intermediate destinations circled. Routes are marked regularly with black points.