Dominic Riolo


Landscape Intaglios: Revealing the Sacred Mountain

Advised by Paola Sturla

“Why . . . do we fail to see the potential of revealing the sacred mountain as a necessary civilizing and urbane symbol?”

—William Rees Moorish, 1989

This thesis examines the role of the sacred mountain as a discursive element within landscape architecture. This thesis defines sacred as that which marries earth, water, human, and sky. In so doing, it asks: How can a work of landscape architecture reveal the sacred mountain as such? The project proposes the creation of a new national park, Intaglios National Park, containing a series of sited interventions on New Mexico’s San Antonio Mountain. This series of sited interventions, or intaglios, represents, reveals, and rehearses the claims of the sacred mountain as cultural formation uniquely suited to revelation through landscape architecture.

Black-and-white illustration of a white rays emanating from a dark circle or sun and a faceted mountain range crossing the horizon.