Elizabeth Price and Caitlin Tompkins


DreamSpace: Sleep Happy, Stay Healthy

Advised by Elizabeth Christoforetti (GSD), Arianna Mazzeo (SEAS), Kit Parker (SEAS), and Rebecca Robbins (Harvard Medical School)

Young children struggling with behavioral insomnia or nightmares often resist bedtime and have difficulty falling asleep, which can add more stress to already stressed-out and stretched-thin parents. DreamSpace provides parents with a solution that encourages bedtime consistency and self-soothing practices through the integration of the age-appropriate and scientifically proven techniques to induce relaxation and sleep at bedtime:  mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy and red light therapy. DreamSpace is a suite of sleep-focused products for preschool-aged children that consists of a therapeutic lamp, a companion app for parents, a multisensory educational booklet, and positive reinforcement stickers. By designing an engaging yet calming product for families that reduces the struggles of pediatric behavioral insomnia and the impact of nightmare disturbances, the bedtime experience can be improved and child sleep onset time can be reduced; therefore, improving overall familial well-being.

Image of a smartphone screen displaying the text “dreamspace” and navigation controls, a smart speaker and lamp unit, a booklet titled “sleep adventures” and sticker sheets.