Jon Gregurick

MArch I

Building Characters

Advised by Andrew Holder 

Building Characters arrive at City Hall Park from all boroughs of New York City, some on foot, some by bus, some by car, and others by train. Like leviathans in the mist, they materialize at the park’s gates. Many muscle themselves so prodigiously into the existing City Hall Loop that, at times, they climb and topple over one another to arrive, or more accurately grasp in futility, at its center point. In the ever-growing, hirsute mass, characters are forced so violently by the writhing number at their backs that they begin to merge, deforming around, into, and among one another. Atriums, gallery vaults, “fancy stairs,” and grottos replace their innards as their individuality is subsumed, contorting and folding into the primal whole. 

Others, content to simply observe the writhing corpusculature or too timid to mount a bid for the centroid, home to the ever-growing gelatinous cube, hover around the fringes, established by the edges of the Loop. The wallflower-homunculi thus find themselves intrepidly colonized by passing folk as cafes, pavilion-shelters, offices or, in one particularly strange case, a small storage area housing reflective, multicolored spherical garden ornaments and battery-powered light-up plastic wood sprites, affixed to the ends of long, thin plastic rods, dragged out begrudgingly twice a year, once on Samhain and once on Beltane. 

Building Characters make up this building’s character. There will be construction documents, or maybe just a dance party instead. Either way, hopefully the Turtles show up! 

Digital image of abstract sculptural objects