Kara Gadecki


Materializing Access: Intersecting Walksheds, Viewsheds, and Supply Sheds

Advised by Jill Desimini

“Materializing Access” is a thesis that investigates the opportunity for landscapes to provide an array of resources within the public realm. Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the project navigates the varying topography and current park network to provide each citizen with a five-minute walk to an open space. Steep and unmaintained hillsides create barriers within the city, but this proposal explores utilitarian and fantastical landscapes for connecting among those barriers. The landscape interventions include the switchback (a path embedded in the wooded hillside), the pedestrian street grove (a cultural space along the public right of way), and the geologic tunnel (a sheltered cut through the earth). Through strategic use of materials available on site, the design extends and integrates existing parks with the rest of the urban fabric. It takes advantage of Pittsburgh’s material past, drawing on a historic sense of place and geology while providing future resources for further manipulation.

A collage of images including a stone arch entrance, trees, a meandering stream, a stone pathway, a pond, and boulders.