Lauren Seo Won Choi

MArch I

A Stadium Tower: Decongestion of Congestion

Advised by Mark Lee


A stadium is a place where a flock of people get charged and discharged at a moment in time, before and after a game. To avoid congestion in the city, stadiums have been pushed away from the center and are located at the border, where the urban fabric meets the suburban scenery. However, mass migration from the city to the stadium and from the stadium to the city disturbs urban traffic and exacerbates congestion. What if a stadium were to stay in the city and exploit the urban condition of congestion? The ambition of this project is to rid the stadium of congestion and explore a new method of gathering within the metropolis. 


Limited by the two-dimensional discipline of the grid, buildings in Manhattan aspired to three-dimensional freedom. The invention of the elevator made that dream come true. As the horizontal density of the ground is absorbed by towers, the planar congestion becomes vertical congestion. Manhattan’s fully loaded towers set a precondition for this project in order to experiment with creating a new way to densify the vertical. Sited in the financial district of Manhattan, “A Stadium Tower” is interlocked by six office towers. Each office tower’s density becomes a source for new density and occupies a stadium in the middle. “A Stadium Tower” proposes a vertical form of stadium that sustains its vitality by exploiting the vertical congestion prevailing in the city.

Center strip of colored photos