Lei Ye


Poster Force | GSD

Advised by Malkit Shoshan

This thesis proposes a new digital platform to customize posters as a new means of communication at the Harvard GSD virtual community. To make hidden reality visible to the public, it extracts underlying rules and design languages from significant posters designed at the GSD before the pandemic. These rules and conventions are translated into visual patterns in a system for potential customization.  

The thesis demonstrates how to use this system to explore how students and the administration communicate without public space under specific circumstances as well as means of design rules for posters. It takes examples from Strike Poster Workshop as well as other student organizations at the GSD and embeds their conventions and components to illustrate an implementation of such a system.  

Inspired by deargsd.com, an online domain developed and hosted by GSD students to voice their concerns about recent changes to the MDes program, the digital platform could be a potential solution, where students could present themselves via the internet using customized posters with specific graphic patterns and send them to Gund Hall on the platform.

The outcome could be accessed at https://leiyeee.github.io/poster/.

Image of a smartphone and screen of website “poster-force-gsd.com” showing a page composition template screen of a software program.