Liad Sandmann

MArch II

Objet petit a(rchitecture)

Advised by Max Kuo 

Architecture is in danger of reaching an impasse. The vector of formal and material postmodern experiments under the auspices of technological, linguistic, and economic advancements seem to make other explorations obsolete. Instead of formal evolution, we are overdue for a small revolution—of both objects and subjects. Therefore, to move forward means a progression toward transgression and an exploration into the interior contents of Architecture and Desire. 

The thesis explores intertwined capital and desire mechanisms through the archives of iconic and generic architecture, using a psychoanalytical prism. It will explore how architectural fantasies and images take place and their extremes as modes of planning. 

Interiority will be shown to be an ongoing project in two (projection), three (experience), and four dimensions (change), rather than a fixed category of space. Interiority is not merely an attribute of that which is inside. It is the framing device through which desires pass and the plane onto which they are projected. Thus, by acting as a continuous platform, interior space itself becomes Architecture’s Project of Desire. 

The project sets up the groundwork for the production of The House of Desire. An interweaving of research, erotic fiction, video manipulation, and architectural planning. Does interiority rely on the commodification of fantasies? Can desire be transposed from interior objects to interior space itself? How would one plan The House of Desire?

Drawing of interior with figure and sculpture