Nishu Lahoti



Advised by Mary Tolikas (SEAS) and Elizabeth Christoferetti (GSD)

Through work experience and catering my master’s coursework toward this subject, I have learned that governments at all levels are actively seeking to transform their operations to keep up with a rapidly digitizing world. While some are building digital service teams that can reform their operations from within, most governments simply do not have the capacity to hire technologists into government. As a result, they have to partner with external vendors to make this change a reality. 

In speaking with both vendors and city stakeholders, it became clear to me that a more formalized marketplace could improve how governments digitally transform. This marketplace might help cities better understand the market landscape, help smaller government technology players be seen and understood, facilitate transactions between these two players, andpublicize data for cities, vendors, and citizens to see where public dollars go.

Graphic titled “digitalGov Marketplace” showing two inputs, Market Landscape and Education with More Visibility and Connections Leading to a graphic labeled “Facilitate Transactions leadning to an outpu graphic labeled Publicize Data for Cities, Vendors, and Citizens.