Trevor Cobb


prisaVet: Access to Specialty Provider Expertise in Veterinary Medicine

Advised by Luba Greenwood (SEAS) and Jock Herron (GSD)

COVID-19 brought unprecedented strain on the veterinary healthcare system. To mitigate the risk of viral transmission amid the pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made swift changes to telemedicine policies, driving rapid adoption of new care modalities. prisaVet capitalizes on this shift in the regulatory landscape to transform the way general practitioners and specialty providers communicate. 

prisaVet is a telehealth platform that enables access to specialty veterinary expertise through physician-to-physician virtual consultations. The platform connects general practitioners with specialists through asynchronous video messaging, enabling them to share questions and insights about a case and to review essential patient documentation, all without the burden of scheduling.

This intervention seeks to impact three critical metrics: 

Time to care: The time from initial referral request to patient treatment. 

Cost of care: Total out-of-pocket expenses for sourcing specialty expertise. 

Reach: How many pet parents have access to top-tier specialty providers.  

Photograph of a billboard in front of a  city skyline from across a body of water. The red-and-white billboard reads: Grow Your Practice. prisaVet. Spcialist insights in weeks (strikethrough) hours.